e-Learning Unit

وحدة التعليم الإلكتروني

     The e-learning unit actively supports the use of information and communication technology (ICT) in learning and teaching at all levels; undergraduate, postgraduate, continuing education and continuing professional development. The unit considers that appropriate use of such technologies can enhance the quality of the student learning experience, promote greater and wider access to the faculty’s courses, and improve the effectiveness of teaching. It is particularly relevant to support learning in a research-rich environment at this time, when use of ICT in research is also increasing rapidly. 

e-Learning Unit Strategy

  The E-Learning Strategy has been developed to support the faculty’s mission statement to “strive for excellence in its undergraduate, postgraduate and extended teaching”. The unit Teaching and Learning Strategy states: “The faculty advocates the use of teaching methods which will develop students as active learners rather than as passive recipients of  knowledge. Students should be able to become self-directed learners, equipped to engage in the life-long learning which will be essential in a rapidly changing professional environment.”

e-Learning Unit Roles and Objectives

The e-Learning Unit in Horus Faculty of Medicine will support teaching excellence and active learning by:
·  Increasing student engagement in the learning process by encouraging interactivity, problem -based and self-directed e-learning and student production of learning materials;
·  Supporting academics in their effective adoption and utilization of new e-learning techniques through training and advice;
· Helping to embed learning materials into clearly defined areas of the curriculum by integrating them into core curriculum objectives and identifying curricular     areas where e-learning methods could be employed to best effect, and promote use of e-learning in these areas and;
· Ensuring that the quality of course delivery is maximized by using a blended approach that uses the best of traditional and e-learning methods;
·  Improving the process of self-assessment and feedback by the use of computer aided assessment tools for both formative and summative assessment;
·  Establishing a meta data system for digital describing and indexing learning objects, multimedia and computer aided assessment questions;
·  Creating a managed learning environment which will provide structured access to all learning resources for the students and staff both on and off campus;
·  Developing an access to lifelong e-learning resources on the internet for all graduates of the faculty and other medical professionals;
·  Increasing access to lifelong learning through the greater provision of distance learning modules, primarily through the world wide web;
·  Consolidating and extending the faculty’s position as a leading provider of continuing professional development and lifelong e-learning materials;
·  Playing an active role in the faculty accreditation process.
·  Building a high quality, up-to-date and unique website for the e-learning unit meeting the latest fashion in web-design and management.
.  Creating a state-of-the-art website for the faculty , its different departments and staff members.

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